ORIC DEMO - Alchimie6 Invitation
      Release date: October 23 2006

About this version:
This is an invitation to Alchimie 6

How to run it:
This is really easy if you are running one of Windows versions since a PC
emulator is included. If you use linux, beos or whatever else, you will 
have to find an emulator for you operating system.

For windows users:

1) First, you need to be sure that the files are in one single folder called
"invitalchimie" that is located at the root of the "C:" drive. If it's not the
case, it will not run. This version of the emulator is stripped down to a
minimum, if you want to install it somewhere else, you'll have to change the
path references in the "euphoric.ini" and "r.bat" files.

2) Run the "C:\invitalchimie\R.BAT" file. 
This will run the emulator, press any key after the detection of devices,
and look at the emulator boot on the DSK file.

3) Just look and appreciate.

Special note for Windows NT/2000 Users !

Since Euphoric is a DOS emulator, it has some troubles with Windows NT kernel
because the sound card detection is not working very well. Anyway, there are
two solutions in your case:

2) Install VDMS. It's a kind of "sound blaster emulator" specially made to
solve this kind of trouble. Simply download and install the last version of
VDMS (here: https://sourceforge.net/projects/vdmsound/). 
After the installation, you will have a new option in the right click 
contextual menu. So, click on "R.BAT", and choose "RUN WITH VDMS". And it's
magic, this will create a virtual sound blaster, euphoric will be happy,
and so you will be able to watch this demo with music :) Pump up the volume !

mmu_man (code)

To contact us:
	- revol@free.fr