3 Emeralds by dSK! [web]


.dSK! info
   dSK! is a Spanish demoScene Krew. This is our first production.
   dSK! was created at the end of 1996... but it has been inactive until
   dSK! is closely related to Mystic Bytes (game producers).
   dSK! world headquarters (JamQue's house ;) is in Barcelona (SPAIN).
   dSK! has as primary objective our own enjoyment.
    Is it clear?

   At the moment we are the ones that appear here.. but we are open to
  new incorporations.

   Nick         Real Name               Main Task         Others
   ''''         '''''''''               '''''''''         ''''''
   Ufix         Pau Vivancos            Code
   PasoPutas	Pedro Diaz		Code
   Sml          David Domingo           Music             dezign
   dVD          David Corral            Gfx+dezign        Music
   JamQue       Rafel Perez             Code+Webmaster    3Dgfx
   AcidBeat     Javier Arreondo         Gfx+Music+dezign        

.productions & projects

   Ok.. this two little 256bytes demos are our first production, but we'll
  release soon an intro or musicdisk (not decided yet!).

   At the moment we're also putting our efforts in making a MegaDemo for the
  Euskal Party 7 (held in San Sebastian, Spain -July'99).

    c u  there!!
.contact us

   official dSK! web:   http://www.arrakis.es/~jamque

    Sml          - e6456332@est.fib.upc.es       (music, general)
    Ufix         - ufix@arrakis.es               (code, general)
    JamQue       - jamque@arrakis.es             (code, web)
    dVD          - talcual@redestb.es            (gfx)
    Acidbeat     - javier@altraforma.com         (gfx, music, design)
    PasoPutas    - pdiaz@mx3.redestb.es          (code)

   Ufix and Sml are quite active in IRC-Hispano channels (#demos and


  3 Emeralds and RainBow Rhombs were coded by Ufix.


 Ufix's special greetings goto:

  bp/savage     ... thanks for telling me about the 256bytes compo
                    and for helping me with the code.
  Sml/dSK!      ... hey! learning asm ?? Good luck!
  Xphere        ... Level 1 completed... let's start level 2
  JamQue/dSK!   ... gfx3d, webmaster and coder (having time to do sth ??)
  dVD/dSK!      ... "dVD se columpia" (dSK News 1-Dec-98) X'DD
  AcidBeat/dSK! ... Chunda Chunda.. rulz!!
  wonder/savage ... just keep making such a cool songs
  Lolaine/MacDG ... hi IRC-Addict! What about a 256b demo for the Mac??
  Pasoputas/dSK!... realmente las pasaste mu putas :D

   ... and all ASM coders

<úúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúú  Ufix / dSK! úúúúúúúúúúúúúú>
<eof> 19-Dec-98 . . . back to coding :)