Globotwars Final Edition by Psycho Hacking Force [web]

GLOBOTWARS Final Edition November 2006


- GraviBomb - once triggered (space bar) the gravity grid will be distored
around the player causing all aliens to be destroyed within the expanding
area of the distortion.

- every 10th level big boss to be destroyed

- level select - at title screen use cursor keys left/right to select level

- level save - once a level is completed a configuration file is updated
allowing it to be selected at the level select screen

- hi score saved to configuration file

A homage to past and present. With grace and light enjoy the fight. Endure this 
endless cycle of pain and glory until the end.Leave nothing in this ether place. 

You ...

A small mystical figure placed in this ether land for nothing but glory..

Mouse  - left click - shoot, right click - move, mouse move - aim, 
space bar - GraviBomb, P - Pause, ESC - quit

Joystick - stick move, buttons shoot, space bar - GraviBomb, P - Pause, 
ESC - quit

Keyboard - cursors - move, zxcs - shoot, space bar - GraviBomb, P - Pause, 
ESC - quit

The baddies ...

Grunt (50 points) - simple blue square, only ever moves left/right or up/down, 
never both at the same time. Slow moving easily destroyed pretty dumb really.

GruntXY (100 points) - simple green coloured square, a descendant of Grunt able 
to move left/right and up/down at the same time. Slow moving easily destroyed 
not quite as dumb as Grunt and can prove to be a little slippery over time.

Boid (75 points) - small purple rotating square, very happy in small groups and 
like to flock together like the worst kids in the neighbourhodd. Easily 
destroyed, but fast moving and if not destroyed quick time you'll become their 
favourite snack!

Snake (1000 points) - a slippery character, tough shield medium speed, like
their biological counterpart they come with venomous bite

Pod (5000 points) - green pointy star, slow moving with a tough shield, once 
destroyed releases its children nasty little imitations of themselves.

PodChild (250 points) - children of th Pod, differing in colour from their
parents fast moving with a nasty nip, watchout!

Gravitar (10000 points) - slow, tough distorting space and time venture close
and you will be drawn into hyperspace only to be ejected somewhere in space
time feeling a whole lot bad with yourself.

Every 10th level will present you with a special challenge.

Have Fun

Cal - Calsoft 12th November 2006