Simulaatio 5 Invitation by mfx [web]

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 mfx serious-as-fuck section presents:

 The invitation to Simulaatio 5
 "The Simulaatio 5 Invitation"

 Simulaatio 5 will be held in Varkaus, Finland from the 18th to the 
 20th of May in 2007.
 Check www.simulaatio.org and #simulaatio on ircnet for more info.
 Invitation credits:

 Soundtrack: Gary J. Hung / Limp Ninja
 Soundtrack production: Little Bitchard
 Code & visuals: Uncle-X
 Engine: Rainmaker, 216 & others
 Pictures: Nrg, Fragment & others
 Shaders: Pommak

 Uses pixelshaders. May not work on older hardware. If the screen is 
 white complain to someone. We might release a shaderless version but
 it will suck. Tested on an ATI mobility radeon9600 and ATI mobility
 radeon X1600 and maybe some others as well.
 Make sure you have vsync enabled and that you don't have epilepsy!
 also it will be cool if you have impact.ttf on your system.

 Greetings to accession, dipswitch and xxx/hjb only, fuckings to flu, 
 the floor and all cassette lamers.

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