oldskool trippin midskool nosejob -edit by mfx [web] & Haujobb

mfx (note the correct way of speeling) puts forth a disc

"oldskool trippin midskool nosejob -edit"

a remix of the winning haujobb oldsgool demo from asm'00

this demonstration is however about to win the democompo
at the proxy 2001 held in kannus, finland.


This demonstration runs at a full framerate on a 2.5GHz
AMD clawhammer

The demo, even though unfinished, is not a plain animation
even though it features our revolutionary mcw6 videopacker
which is based on adaptive resolution reduction and a
modified version of an edge sharpening technique presented
in frobs which was no good originally anyway thus achieving
over three radix worth of compression in terms size measured
in bytes and blaablaablaa... (hay, i may use some of that
stuff in my next raycasted polyengine)

oh, if you have epilepsy, no problem.. just dont blink your

required greetings:

haujobb, komplex, kooma, byterapers, rno, exceed, mass,
phn, cycla, damones, calodox, replay, farbrauch, unique,
rtp, retro a.c, orange, damage, bad karma, kahvila, taat,
decadence, kolor, replay, tpolm, bc, iso, flo, dcs, pwp
and some more...

important credits:

216, uncle-x

optional credits: (featuring only in right environment)


extra credits:

droid, visualice, xhale, cynic, hellfire

non-free credits:


sorry to all the makers of the original demo who we might
have offended. (you will have your revenge...)

                        somebody asked for some more brainscandisk maybe?

        maybe we'll go back and make some more 3d accelerated shit
        so that all of you oldsk††l lamers don't have to look at
        our shit again...


mfx-wap: mfx.eponsel.com (216 may add a freenet site someday...)

216: jwuolijo@cs.helsinki.fi
uncle-x: naleskin@cs.helsinki.fi
dixan: dixan@spinningkids.org

one new member was forced to join (pyromaniac/mfx chicago section)
and one old one (manticore) returned. good for them...

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Ha! Do you silly sods still believe everything we say in our infofiles?