Chosneck issue #2 Intro by Coolgirls

Hello chuckies!!!

After long time we're back! This time it's only 5 days thinggie because 
Grey doesn't like us ;-( He didn't remember us earlier so he took our 
offer only when all the others told him "sorry" and didn't make any intro 
they promised.

With this intro Chosneck is going to the another level!

The main reason of the birth of this intro is the fact me(Timea) and 
Sandra met again in my house to come at another wild teXno party, this is 
only second product of our meeting ;-) Ooooooooh dear, you can't imagine 
guys what is it defense against all that crazy boys, I can't believe, that 
is such visible we're both free?!

Time plan, as usual ;-)
22.01.2004 ~ start of coding, concerning ideas, meeting with BAKY & his 
             friends... they are all gays or what..?! All that time they 
             spoke with each other and they ignored us completely :-((
23.01.2004 ~ putting together the 3D, Sandra drew all the graphics and 
             textures.. then we met with BAKY again, without his friends 
             this time ;-) We went in his house, watched Scary Movie 3 & 
             Final Destination (great!!!) but... his girlfriend arrived 
             sooner than we expected ;-(... 24:00 we arrived at teXno 
             party in the U-Club, woah!!!
24.01.2004 ~ after long and sweety sleeping we finished this intro and 
             Sandra had to leave my house :-((((((

Used software:
- dhs demosystem (we're awaiting new, better and bugs free version!)
- devpac
- escpaint
- smurf
- pixart
- magic & jinnee (with sweety teddy on Timea's desktop!)
- photoshop
- qed
- upx

Of course, the first place belongs to:


   Didier !
(and his great RIP! We wrote development is dead and what? Next year is 
away and still no new version! HA!)

- Grey (I-wont-believe-Thomas, wake up man!)
- Earx (thanks for your moral support, we like your opinions, really!)
- Strider (ooooohhh darling, you should buy better modem!!!)
- Evil (for you we have a SPECIAL message: BBBOOOOOOOOH!!!!)

- Didier
- Moondog
- Paranoid
- St Survivor
- CiH
- Xi (Mr. Administrator, forget we will trust you some time again!!)
- all the guys who think we like cybersex!!!

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Your sweety kissies...