Teenage Christmas Intro 1999 by Teenage

                        Teenage Christmas Intro 1999
Alpha version 0.2 ;)

This demo has been tested and works on:
2 Meg STe, 14Mb Falcon 030 (VGA/RGB 50Hz only), PaCifiST setup with 512K RAM.

This demo should run on any Atari ST compatible with 512K RAM.

So what was wrong last time, see as I didn't test it orginally on any 512K RAM
machine (I don't have one) or emulator, I only assumed that it'd work correctly
as it was under 300K unpacked. Since the first release I actually thought about
and tested it with PaCifiST with 512K RAM, BOOM, it either hung or crapped on 
palette (and god knows what else) when it exited. So a few modifications and a 
couple of assembles later, it works on 512K :)
Oh yes I also wrote this text file :)

Anyway seeing as Torment got their entry added late and Evil has released his
bug fix, why not :)

All credits are in the intro :) So look if you haven't already.

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E-Mail: beer@atari.org or berserk@nthfen.demon.co.uk
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