Sequences by The Digital Artists [web]

  by the digital artists.
  for assembly2k oldskool compo.

  [code    ] firehawk and brainpower
  [music   ] distance
  [graphics] rents
  [pmode/w ] thomas pytel
  [usmp    ] freddyv/useless

  486dx2/66, 8mb memory, vga display adapter, gravis ultrasound or
  a sound blaster compatible sound card.

  type anything on the command line to force manual selection of sound
  card settings. otherwise, your sound card will be autodetected.

  website               http://www.thedigitalartists.org
  email                 dawn@arialdesign.com

:notes from firehawk:
  in summer 1999, i mailed abyss/fc with a suggestion for organizing
  an 'oldskool' compo for the now classic 486+gus setup. he liked the
  idea and promised to look into it. i was really excited when i found
  out that the idea has been implemented at assembly 2k. high from
  all the nostalgia, i dug out my old 486 and started hacking like
  a lunatic.

  the machine used for coding this demo was a tiny unisys machine
  with am486/66 cpu, 8mb dram, some crappy cirrus logic vlb svga and
  a gus ace (which is probably the only soundcard that can fit into
  the only, very crampy, isa slot of the machine). watcom c v11.0 and
  turbo assembler 5.0 were used for compiling and qedit 4.0 for

  this demo was coded entirely in june and july 2000 by me, although
  some code and effects made by me and brainpower in 1997-1999 were
  adapted to run properly on a 486/66. the soundtrack has been made
  by distance in 1998, and he has since made remixes of the track -
  one of which is also included in his debut album on focus, "container".
  some of the graphics has been made by rents, and then slightly modified
  by me for the demo. i also made some fonts and assorted images. the
  vietnam photos appear courtesy of the us department of defense.

  and yes, the demo is _supposed_ to use a grayscale palette. it's not
  a bug nor does your pc have a bad vesa bios. :)

  it's now about an hour to the deadline so i guess i'm done. there's
  some jerkiness and minor glitches in the demo but i just don't feel
  like fixing them now. :) hope this one makes it to the big screen.

:legal stuff:
  copyright (c) 1998-2000 the digital artists

  this production may be included on any cd compilations, provided that
  the authors are asked for a permission first. furthermore, assembly
  organizing inc has the exclusive right to do so without the need to
  ask for a permission.