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                ADDISON-WESLEY 1998
                ISBN 972-662-614-5

       by: [v1] brainpower (pcadavez@mail.esoterica.pt)
                grade student in the university of harjumankustaa,
                majoring in spectral graphics for parallel-processing

           [v2] distance (esaruoho@dlc.fi)
                Ph.D in musical engineering for string pieces,
                consulting for students at the university of hartujuskaama.

           [v3] rents (rents@mail.esoterica.pt)
                lecturer of the university of harmantujuskaa,
                researching graphical outlining & layering models.

        these talented academics generate art for [v0] DAWN,
        a next-generation project for the development of digital artforms.

                                 ** I **

        for presentation in associated universities around the globe,
        we recommend a specific machine most found on computer centers:

                233 bogomips+ central processing unit

                at least a 64-meg limit of random access

                generic sound generator

                vesa 2.0 compliant device, fast video signal output

        use parallel-processing with integrated inlining if possible.
        ram modules should be pure hyrvantaskki silicone, otherwise
        data-threading problems might occur. on what concerns the sound
        system, basically any standard device should function normally.

        watching it with less than a 64-meg limit of random access will
        provide a seriously-unpleasant experience since virtual page-
        swapping endangers these papers' performance.

        the graphical kernel outputs to a resolution of 640 by 360 pixels,
        which is fine for Pentium II-based units. outstanding FPU speed
        is a must.

        (to loop with bugs, add "loop" to the command-line.)

                                 ** II **

        this study was accomplished with the invaluable help
        of two graduates from other universities:

            - Mr Glenn Fiedler (ptc@gaffer.org)
              the creator of Prometheus Truecolor 2.0 (PTC),
              the portable C++ surface-handling library designed
              for all major platforms.

            - Mr Ian Luck (bass@icl.ndirect.co.uk)
              the programmer of BASS 0.3, a new, fast module-, stream- and
              CD-playing library for the Win32 Intel platform & Petite,
              the most efficient Win32 executable compressor.

        should these Ph.Ds not be available at their respective e-mail
        addresses, please notify the university campus webmaster:
        Mr John J. Tharbad-Wilkes II (fgy.admin@ucsme.edu)

        infinite thanks to [HALM76] for his work on N-linear image frame
        interpolation filtering and mapping.

        additional texture work by nogsf (nogsf@saers.com).

        thanks to [FOLE82] for information on advanced geometrical theory.
        extra greetings to [UNKL77] for information on practical coolness.

        wildlife art by [CNDA72] - The National Film Board of Canada.
        used by permission.

                                 ** III **

        we send out greetings to all the people that strive to make
        the demoscene a place where you just can't innovate enough.

        if you liked this demo, feel free to vote for it in the charts.

        for more graphical studies, please visit our lecturers' site:

                      The K-dimensional culture space


        for digital graphics wizardry, please visit these fine sites:


        thank you.

   [v0] the
        nation   - James D. Foley is our religion.

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