Johnny Weasel by Digital Artists Wired Nation

				   Dawn 3
   		      "Johnny Weasel - Tired of Techno"
				Assembly 1998

                  - featuring Da Weasel as guest rappers -

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         Property (P) 1994 Da Weasel Records.
         Licensed by Flip-Mo' Homeboy Records.

         Copyright (C) 1995 Da Weasel Records.


         Da Weasel = lyrics.
                     other complicated machinery.


         Philips(R) Microphone.
         Sony(R) MDR-65 dynamic stereo headphones.
         SuperMoog(TM) sampler.
         Korg(R) Prophecy(TM) keyboard.



         Property (P) & Copyright (C) 1998 Dawn 3 Records.

         All footage captured using PanaVision(TM) video cameras.
         All footage compressed using in-house LSD video technology.
         Filmed on location in the OpenAir(R) studios, Oporto, Portugal.
         Licensed for distribution in Europe by TastyCitrus Oy, Finland.


           mc-viper = No-good, mean-mutha, bad-ass rapping act no.1
             .float = No-good, mean-mutha, bad-ass rapping act no.2
         brainpower = Directing, editing.



         Copyright (C) & Property (P) 1998 brainpower.
         Copyright (C) & Property (P) 1998 firehawk.

         brainpower = streamer (brutal hack).
                      three-dimensional code.
                      bitmap effects.
                      video system.
                      packing system.

           firehawk = raytracer.
                      bitmap effects.
                      interpolation routines.
                      bilinear filtering.

       Third party software:

         PMODE/W v1.33
         by Charles Scheffold & Thomas Pytel. (always wanted to say that.)
         The smallest DOS extender for Watcom C/C++ executables.
      -> us.hornet.org/pub/demos/code/hardware/pmode/pmw133.zip

         VE Pack v1.22a
         by Avery Lee.
         The best compressor for Watcom C/C++ executables, beats PMWLITE
      -> www.concentric.net/~psilon/ve.zip
         Prometheus True Color 0.72
         by Glenn Fiedler. (the greatest name.)
         The best free-for-non-commercial-use surface handler.
      -> www.gaffer.org/ptc/

         MIDAS Digital Audio System v1.1.2
         by Petteri Kangaslampi (my hero) and Jarno Paananen.
         The most powerful digital sound library ever.
      -> www.s2.org/

         3DS2FLT v.9
         by .float.
         The best, smallest, own 3D file format converter.
      -> dawn3.home.ml.org (soon)


         None of the video-clips would have made it if it weren't for Virne's
         effort to help us with the video compression. This man deserves your
         attention. Indeed.


         200 Mhz AMD(R) 586 processor
         233 Mhz Intel(R) Pentium(TM) processor
         64 megabytes of Random Access Memory
         32 megabytes of Random Access Memory
         1.6 gigabytes of hard-disk space
         2.5 gigabytes of hard-disk space

         WATCOM C++ 11.0
         NASM 0.97



         Copyright (C) & Property (P) 1998 rents

         rents = loading picture


         Super-Duper(R) PC.


         All the graffiti artists who agreed to have their kick-ass art
         in this demo. Thanks.


       Extra thanks:

	 The Man With A Small Dog(TM) who gave us unhelpful hints when our
         DemoMobile(TM) fucked up right in the middle of nowhere, towards
         the shooting place. He told us to push x-y/z buttons & pray. Thanks
         a lot, old timer. May your demos be ultra-cool.

         (We forgot to pray.)



         Please take the following under consideration:

         Listening to so-called abnormal music can cause madness and, if not
         cured in time, death by insanity and disconnection with the normal
         world. When listening to music, do so responsibly. Don't fall for
         weird, freakish types that no-one ever listens to. That will, quite
         possibly, turn you into a loner with no family or friends. Your pets
         will think twice before licking you. Cats will think three times.
         Enjoy our music. Please do so responsibly.

         Orders available from our website: dawn3.home.ml.org
         We accept VISA & MasterCard only.

	 For your convenience, here's our release list as of 10.07.98:

           Seal No: Artist                       Title

           DAWN 01: Skoalmeister                 Haskell Blows
           DAWN 02: URL & Phlegm                 Moog
           DAWN 03: Mudda Pincher                Riflin' To The Head
           DAWN 04: Big Fat Rhymez               Ghetto Broz.
           DAWN 05: Nilm.ex                      Playing With Websites 
           DAWN 06: Da Weasel                    God Bless Johnny      [Demo]
           DAWN 07: SFX                          AQ                [Sold out]

  (This is the end of the inlay. See below for off-the-record info.)

7243 8 84124 2 1 - Made in Portugal - LC 0299. Produced by Dawn 3 & Da Weasel
Written by Da Weasel. Published by TastyCitrus Oy. All rights of the producer
and of the owner of the recorded work reserved. Unauthorised copying, hiring,
lending, public performance and broadcasting of this demo are encouraged. (P)
1998 The copyright in this multimedia work is owned by Dawn 3 Records.   End!


                       ok, now to the actual human comments-and-rants leaflet

brainpower's section:

      point 1.

        i tried to port this darling to linux and failed miserably. to do so,
        i relied on ptc's svgalib support. i couldn't compile it using gnu c++
	because it didn't support the "new" C++ framework of try/throw/catch
        stuff that ptc requires. midas didn't want link either.
        djgpp support was promptly kissed goodbye after many frustrating
        attemps to make ptc shake hands with midas & allegro as well.
        i'm sorry it didn't turn out well, since i really tried to make it
        work with djgpp.

        firehawk will try to port the demo to linux, while i will try to make
        it work in the Win32 platform. we'll find it very difficult to port
        this to linux since it's SHIT for graphics use. ok, i'm sorry, but if
        i can't blit to the screen without undergoing a myriad of stupid,
        very-outdated svgalib calls, i can't give it much use, can i? i've
        heard that ptc 2.0 will have x11 support - that would easen the port
	a lot.

        this is my personal opinion and doesn't imply that of other members.
        (sounding like US game programmers.)

      point 2.

        entirely coded in c++, if you're that desperate. no c-compiled code
        exists. assembly code makes for about 5% of the demo, and is mostly
        used for blazingly-fast (ahem) memory copies and for the critical 3D.
        code. i squished every bit of power there was to squish, and sometimes
        achieved gains of over 15 frames/second without needing to resort to
        assembly. tried a lot of optimisation switches, some worked better
        than others in a number of occasions, but all was made so that this
        code ran at maximum speed.

      point 3.

        don't even think of running this on anything slower than a p200+32 Mb.
        i haven't performed any special tests to say this, but you will surely
        hear lousy clicks if you run it on a low-end Pentium.
        in other words: don't complain it's slow, because i did my best to
        make it run at top speed. thank you. you might have also noticed that
        this is a tad bit more complex than two 386 double-sinus scrollers.

      point 4.

        an awful sum of thanks must go to mc-viper for the kick-ass acting,
        and .float for the very useful 3D format converter. this one rocks!

      point 5.

        i used well over 100 hours of listening to music while coding this.
        these included, in no particular order of weirdness:

        jimi tenor . nightmares on wax . squarepusher . the aphex twin . red
        snapper . boards of canada . the future sound of london . mark bell .
        mira calix . broadcast . two lone swordsmen . autechre . ithaka . air
        plone . jamiroquai . plaid . maozinha . bjork . tricky . portishead .
        jay-jay johansson . the orb . massive attack . brothomStates . md .
        vim! . distance . basehead . wave . dune . roni size .

        if it kicks absurd portions of rear-end, you probably know why.

        bye bye.

firehawk's section:




rents' section:

       i'm glad to have joined this fantastic dawn3 crew. as a new member, i
       had very little work in this fine production.

       major respect to the people who have been messing up my brain:
       the beastie boys . bjork gudmundsdottir-or-whatever . the clash .
       goldie . tricky kid . massive attack . gus-gus . prodge . spacer .
       metalheadz . money mark . david holmes . pulp . verve . adf . 808state
       . warp records posse . propellerheads . leftfield . chembrothers . 
       dj krush . md . mono211/monotonik crew . tdr . all bassterrorists out
       there . thedesignersrepublic . tomato . tpolm . community . amiga
       crews . tbl . pulse . melon

       dedications to all my friends, my little sister and the sweetest girls
       on internetrelaychat - debut and petitvulcan.
       digitaldesign.base.org . rents.base.org : no www's, no dot.com's

       "once upon a time, zen priest dai-ryo was invited for dinner on a very
       rich baron's house. many other buddhist monks were present.
       someone decided to make a joke, and so fish was served to the guests,
       something that all buddhist monks are forbidden to eat.
       every monk refused to eat, except dai-ryo, who ate it delighted like if
       he didn't know what he was eating.
       a monk pulled the zen priest's sleeve and told him: "that's fish!"
       dai-ryo looked the monk in the eyes and asked him: "so how do you know
       it is fish?"