NeuroToxin by Sentience


  This was Sentience's NAID '95 demo entry. Okay, we were all young and
  stupid back then. I hope this demo doesn't disappoint you too much :-).

  Keep in mind that this demo was written for the 486DX2-80 that was used
  as the demo machine at NAID... We didn't have any faster computers to test
  it on back then. All of the segments are tied to the music; however there
  is the occasional timing glitch on faster computers (This buffer is big
  enough. We don't need any more terrain/text/whatever. Oops.)

  *sigh*. I'd fix it, but I can't seem to find the source code right now.

  If you absolutely have to contact a member of Sentience, try
  ix42@hotmail.com ... Sentience has released a wide number of e-mail
  addresses over the year. All of them are now hopelessly out of date, and
  will bounce your mail (or send it to the wrong person. Ugh.) Hopefully
  this one will stay current a little bit longer than the others have...