Sumotori Dreams by Archee [web]

                  þ SUMOTORI DREAMS þ

Notes about this release:
 This is a contribution for Breakpoint 2007   96k gamedev compo.
 Yes, they have an AI brain. This means, no stored keyframes/animation.
 (If you have a very slow gfx card, start "sumotori.exe _" ) 
 more info in the game.

THX to:
 Conspiracy: testing
 Aardbei Texture generator

Some previous releases:
 - Highway to Assembly:  gamdev 7th   @  Assembly 2006
 - Shatter 64k:          64k    1st   @  Function 2006
 - Future colors:        demo         @  Contest   `99
 - fakedemo:             demo   3rd   @  Cache     `98

Updates: http://web.t-online.hu/archee83/sumotori/

Archee   peterdutch@freemail.hu