Suicide Barbie by The Black Lotus [web]

o	Suicide Barbie by The Black Lotus
	PlayStation(r) Portable(tm) demo

o	'polished' party version released June 27th, 2007.
	original production released at Breakpoint 2007.

o	credits

	 direction, graphics:   Louie / TBL^CNCD
	 graphics:              Jintz

	 code:                  ReJ / Nesnausk!
	 code:                  eriQue / soniK cliQue

	 music:                 Elusive 'Pete loves Veronica mix'
	                                (Veronica Maggio 'Dumpa Mig')

	 animations:            Micke
	 animations:            Johra
	 animations:            Duffe

	 additional graphics:   Eracore / Rebels

	 platform consultant:   Chip

o	additional credits & inspiration

	 Roberto Roseano (Barbie Suicide)

o	special thanks

	 pspdev community for homebrew
	 TyRaNiD for psplink (this demo would not be possible without it)
	 Cathy/Nesnausk! for support and photojournalism in bingen

o	random blah

	 whilst typing this text, i got a word from Louie. as it turns out
	we will have to change the tune. great stuff! it means that binary
	release will be delayed for a 'couple' days.
	 stay tuned then :)

	 so, a 'couple' days had passed indeed. but not in vain - as we
	are now ready for the first official release of the binaries. thus
	you will be free to abandon those filthy leaked binaries you have 
	enjoyed so much.
	 instead we offer you _real_ credits, packed music, more visuals,
	steady framerate and of course support for various firmwares.

	 oh, and you think demoscene is about being original?
	you should watch this then...

	                 inspiration vs. rip-off
o	how to run production

	 copy the contents of the archive to the ms0:/PSP/GAME/ folder.
	run production from xmb. if you're using 3xx OE firmware copy
	files to ms0:/PSP/GAME150/ instead.

	 this production has been tested and confirmed working under
	firmware 1.00, 1.50 and 3.40 OE-A.

o	tech stuff

	 no official sdk's or devkits were harmed during the production
	of this demo. not a single bad word was muttered addressing sony.
	homebrew sdk and retail psp, nicely hooked to our laptops with
	usb cables, were our true friends.

	 and if you ask, why memorystick led flashes all the time?
	yeah, we do stream our content; both data and music. so, make
	sure you have a fast enough stick; on-demand loading over
	usbhostfs is not really recommended..

 great success,
ReJ/TBL?Nesnausk! & eriQue/soniK cliQue