CoCo Nuts! by 2bIT Software

Game Name: Coco-Nuts!
Programmer: Brad Power [shiftright]
Contact: cos.pixeljuice@gmail.com

System Reqs: WinXP Operating System
             256MB Ram
             3Gen Video Card with Hardware Acceleration
             8MB Disk space
             Sound Device
             Sense of humour ;)

Key Controls:

UpArrow 	- Forward
DownArrow 	- Back
Left 		- Turn left
Right 	- Turn Right
Ctrl		- Fire Coconut
Shift		- Fire Grenade-Nut
Z		- Fire Homing-Nut (not implemented)
Space		- Jump

General Instructions:

The monkeys are after you.
Destroy them all with various coconuts. Holding down fire for longer
will lob your coconut further.
Gather more 'nuts from the trees, by jumping up at their branches. 
See how long you can survive, and how high you can make your score!