lobstertaining, an intro looking like a 64kbyte one.

        directchew pixelkillers and effect programmer           : chew
        random designer, taking the drugs remixing slipknot     : flåd
        opengl technician and wonderfull code magician          : stil

requires : something like an opengl card with drivers maybe nvidia but for
sure it won't work on your voodoo2 lator :P
           somehow slow computer like 300 mhz
           some 16 bits sound card
           a quite fast internet connection
           some artistic tastes or hard drugs

made in 24 hours at the vip3 party place.

        wir mögen : mfx:haujobb:replay:koma:broncs:satori:orange
        but we love also our friends of blue,doh,orion,condense,mandarine,
cocoon,prune,mutants,digital murder,calodox,tpolm,replay,lunix,epidemic,exceed
popsy team, vantage, eclipse, pantoufle and also nithril, antoche, darkwolf,
starman, kouiskas, ephy, jylam, froggy

As in the party version, this intro downloads itself the music from the net, thus allowing
a 1.5Mo production to fit in 64k.
We laughed a lot.
A zip already including the music & stuff should be available somewhere.