ISo9241 by Still [web]



		    	         I S o 9 2 4 1

                                 (release #11)

                             v0.9 (compo version)

                     released for Intel Demo Competition 2007

>> About
	This is definetely the last demo with our old DirectX-7 engine "Subraum". 

>> A demonstration brought to you by

	MAD				>> stDOTmaderATgmxPUNKTde	>> coding
	PIXTUR				>> thomasATpixturPUNKTde	>> 3d / design / sync
	NERO				>> neroATgreyworldPUNKTde	>> 3d
	SIRE				>> c_melsaATgmxPUNKTde  	>> music
	RONNY ^ Farbrausch		>> 				>> additional music

	Feel free to contact us.

	Meet us at next Breakpoint, Assembly, Evoke, TUM

>> Info

        But the funniest part of the whole morning's entertainment, was undoubtedly the 
        dancing of the little Dwarf. When he stumbled into the arena, waddling on his 
        crooked legs and Wagging his huge misshapen head from side to side, the children 
        went off into a loud shout of delight, and the Infanta herself laughed so much 
        that the Camerera was obliged to remind her that although there were many 
        precedents in Spain for a King's daughter weeping before her equals, there were 
        none for a Princess of the blood royal making so merry before those who were her 
        inferiors in birth. The Dwarf however, was really quite irresistible, and even 
        at the Spanish Court, always noted for its cultivated passion for the horrible, 
        so fantastic a little monster had never been seen. It was his first appearance, 
        too. He had been discovered only the day before, running wild through the 
        forest, by two of the nobles who happened to have been hunting in a remote part 
        of the great cork-wood that surrounded the town, and had been carried off by 
        them to the Palace as a surprise for the Infanta, his father, who was a poor 
        charcoal-burner, being but too well pleased to get rid of so ugly and useless a 
        child. Perhaps the most amusing thing about him was his complete unconsciousness 
        of his own grotesque appearance. Indeed he seemed quite happy and full of the 
        highest spirits. 

		from “The Birthday of the Infanta” by Oscar Wilde 

>> Greetings to:

	Bonzaj ^ plastic
	Amusic ^ ASD
	Stingray ^ scarab
	Krill ^ Plush
	Dalezy ^ Mad Wizards
	Helge ^ Helgejobb
	Mr.Pet ^ Einklang
	Fiver2, Ryg, Gizmo, Chaos, KB, wayfinder, cp, Yoda ^ Farbrausch
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	Slack ^ Necrostudios

>> Respect to:

	Kewlers / MFX
	The Black Lotus
	Moppi Productions
	Andromeda Software Development
	Mad Wizards
	Portal Process
	Matt Current

<< Suggested hardware:

	Intel Quadcore / 2Gb Ram / Nvidea 7600gs+
	(sorry: no time for optimizing)