halfsome by Carillon & Cyberiad [web] & Fairlight [web]

by fairlight and cncd

for the intel demo competition 2007

code: smash
graphics: ed stop
music: sumo lounge feat. holik 

special thanks to:
pantaloon: additional code, tools, core system code
der piipo: animation assistance
ercola: mastering the soundtrack
mazor: some graphics we didnt get to include.

system requirements are heavy this time, brothers. 
seeing as it's 2007 we have gone widescreen with a ps2.0 requirement. ps3.0 will be used if available.
recommended that you run this on a radeon 9700 or better or a gf6600 or better. (dont bother with that
geforce 5 shit.)

directx 9.0c required. tested on windows xp. not tested on vista. if you have vista, cross your fingers
and give yourself a big pat on the back if it works.