Just Oric by Defence Force [web] & NeXT [web]

by Dbug
CODE: Dbug
GFX: Grrr, Dbug, and a font by Electronic Images
SOUND: Music of "Thrust" from Rob Hubbard

This demo was made for the Volcanic 4 demo party.

It's not a PC demo, so you have to watch it with an emulator.
(The best oric emulator is EUPHORIC, and is included in the folder,
please, get the full version of the emulator if you want to go further)

For launching the demo:

- Copy the "ORICDEMO" folder at the root of the C drive, so you get
the "C:\ORICDEMO path".
(If you do not want to copy this folder here, you will have to change
all ABSOLUTE PATH that are present in the "EUPHORIC.INI" file.

- Type "R", (and [enter] :)

- This will set the ORIC path, and run EUPHORIC.EXE

- When the emulated ORIC is booted (meaning the READY is appeared), you have
to load the demo itself.

- Switch keyboard in ASCII mode with F3 key... Or you will have to know the
physical keyboard layout of the ORIC ATMOS. :) Not easy

- Type the following line, respecting the case, and then press enter:


- If everything goes right, you will see "LOADING ... C" in the upper line
of the screen.

- And then, the demo starts.

- This is a pre-beta version. Tbere is no sound, except at the end.
- The demo is not timed, you have to press a key to go from one part
to another !
- Due to a bug, the fact of pressing any key while the greetings are
displayed, will provoque display bugs... Bad idea.
- This demo will run only on ORIC ATMOS for the moment, due to some direct calls
to the ATMOS ROM. (Sorry for that)

- 1mhz 6502 processor (as in Apple II, similar to C64 processor)
- 48kbyte of RAM (include video ram)
- 8kbyte, 240x200 monochrome hires display (with colour line attributes)
- 1kbyte, 40x28 monochrome text display (with colour line attributes)

- VIA 6522, for interfacting,I/O,timers.

- Sound processor: AY-3-8912 (similar to Atari ST, Amstrad CPC, Spectrum +,...)

proximity constraints. You cannot change color on screen and keep pixels under.

Nothing more. No Hardware sprites, no hard scroll, no redefinable clut, no DMA,
no digit...

Except: Hardware blinking (like minitel), hardware double sized text (like
minitel), hardware semi-graphics characters (like minitel :)

e-mail: mpointie@hol.fr
URL: http://wwwperso.hol.fr/~mpointie