Waboga by xzm

Waboga -- The board game for the XNA framework (PC and Xbox 360)
Released at the Assembly 2007 demo party

Waboga is a simple yet depthful strategy board game. The goal is to move
all your buttons to the opposite side where you start from. Any tile on
the opposite end will do. The other player(s) will be trying to do the
same. You take turns and in each turn you may either move one of your
buttons by one or place a wall. You cannot place a wall so that it would
cross another wall already on play or on a place that would prevent a
player from reaching his end.

The game is about strategy and by placing the walls carefully, you can
ensure that you will arrive at your destination before your enemies.

For the Xbox 360 version, you will need the XNA Creators Club membership
and a PC set up for it. Run "Waboga360-Xbox360.ccgame" to install the

For the PC, you will need one Xbox 360 controller (wire controllers work
the best). No mouse/keyboard support yet, sorry. You will also need the
following software:
 - Windows XP/Vista operating system
 - .NET framework 2.0 (available from Windows Update)
 - DirectX 9.0c
   Some parts are bundled with the game; run "DX Redist\DXSETUP.EXE".
 - XNA 1.0 Express framework
   This is bundled with the game; run the "XNA FX Redist\xnafx_redist.msi"
   file to install XNA.
The "Waboga.exe" file will start the game (remember to unzip the package

You control the game with an Xbox 360 controller. The left thumbstick controls
the selection and the right one will rotate the camera. Upper shoulder buttons
(LB, RB) change the active button/wall. The shoulder triggers rotate the
active wall piece. Pressing A will place a piece/wall. The Start-button will
bring up the pause menu.

The PC version may be controlled with the mouse as well. Move the selection by
moving the mouse. The camera can be rotated by dragging the left mouse button
outside the board. The active button/wall is changed with the scroll wheel or
the spacebar key. Right mouse button rotates the active wall and left mouse
button makes the move. Esc will bring up the pause menu.

Code & Design: Jere "XMunkki" Sanisalo
Gfx & Audio  : Jukka "JopePyssy" Nikkonen

  Maija Parjanen
  Chris Butcher / Bungie
  Dave Mitchell / Microsoft XNA team

Contact      : http://www.xmunkki.org/

Uses the Pen Mark MF font (c) 1995 Rick W. Mueller
Font supplied by http://www.1001freefonts.com/

 - Some minor UI improvements
 - Lighter background

 - Some finetuning
 - Mouse controlling for the PC
 - First source distribution build (GPL licence)

v1.00: 15.7.2007
 - Initial version