mixtape memories by Prostyle Corp. [web]

prostyle corp.
- the professional and stylish corporation


"mixtape memories"

a mobile demo for assembly 2007


the friendly staff of the prostyle corporation are as follows:

- concrete (code)
- garble (code)
- flipside (3d)
- gloom (music, graphics and design)


to whom it may concern:

your demo is likely to contain  materials copyrighted to and owned by 
the prostyle corporation. this includes, but is not limited to;

- applying distortion effects on 2d graphics
- saturation of imagery and animations
- shaking and flashing of white quads
- scrolling texts or pixtures
- electronic music syncronised to moving images
- informal greetings to friends and foes

therefore, your use of these elements is hencheforth forbidden under the prostyle
corporations terms of use.

please understand that this letter is not a warning or threat.  it is being sent
o you as part of a legal process that must be followed in an effort to maintain
our legal rights. you can put an immediate stop to this process by acting in
accordance with this offer of good faith.


your friends at the prostyle corp.