sheep recognizer by Loonies [web]

                          sHeeP d!ct!onArY + reCogN!zEr

                                       b y 
                                 l o O n ! e S


        a dual 40k released at scene meeting 1999 held in odense, 
        denmark. (pronounced owe-dense) (the word "odense", that is)

        we have included an - E R R E U R - in the recognizer...whoever
        finds it first will get a prize - so e-mail your suggestions
        to psycho@loonies.dk and maybe you'll find something nice in 
        your mailbox one day? 

                 ------------- g r e e t ! n g s --------------- 

                 ebbe rode, fnuque, efreet, scoopex, cromatics, 
                 gfb, irIs, depth, s°hesten, c u t e, endzeit, 
                 nature, 1. december, polka brothers, unique, 
                 tele danmarks fremragende kundeservice, and
                 the ones that have inevitably been forgotten!!