Old Daddy 2 by animators [web]

Important notes for the OLD DADDY II issue:
- Most of the bombs and especialy the hand grenades are NO TOYS!!
  That means they are really dangerous .... When ya've built them
  be careful and throw the grenades far away (the best thing is to
  hide behind sumthing !!!! When the grain shots will scatter around
  they might hit ya and if you are hidden by too much, you will DIE
  cause your body will tilt because of your nerves ......
  When you build the bombs in a correct way they have that much power
  that they could rip you to peaces ....
- If you put OLD DADDY II onto compact disks, add also this DOC file
  because it is of high interest ... 

Do me a favour and take this DOC file serious cause we would like to
entertain you with more ANIMATORS DEMOS and OLD DADDY issues !!!!