Gut Gut by Proxima

                         g u t  g u t
                           by proxima

      icing'95 64k intro contribution

                386, vga, gusoptional

here you have the latest intro from proxima. enjoy it or not. someone
will always complain. we know. we are.
rotate-an-object-on-screen-and-check. vectors. one effect. one minute.

files: file_id.diz  - file description
       gutgut.exe   - da main intro
       text         - this file
       daskmig.vot  - daskmig voteform - fill this out!! (and  give it
                      to us perhaps also would be nice)

everything else is probably bbs-ads.

                  3d-objects, vectors, maths and main code by twaddler
                    background, graphics and additional code by calvin
                     gus-player (modified by calvin) by beta/adrenalin
                                      (: beta-testing by axl and drain
                                                        music by tecon

                                                can you feel the wind?

contact us:
  snailmail calvin:             snailmail twaddler:
    anders ervik                  oyvind neuman
    skrenten 2                    fagerbakken 10
    n-5080 eidsv†g                n-5080 eidsv†g
    norway                        norway

  e-mail calvin: calvin@vestnett.no
  bbs:           +47 55 12 28 92 (leave mail to Anders Ervik)
  irc:           __calvin on #coders, #daskmig

proxima members:
  calvin                    music, graphics
  chikadee                  music
  drain                     editor, graphics
  extacy                    music, graphics
  jaws                      code, music
  nique                     music
  sticky                    music
  tecon                     music
  twaddler                  code
you must  know we  were almost 30  dudes two  weeks ago...  see what's
left after some cleaning work?

  greets to everyone  we know, like people in  acme, click!, darkzone,
extreme, isc, jeskola!, gollum, orange, orchide, pure resistance, yeti
and ofcourse a big hello to windy/somegroup too!

      no animals were harmed in the making of this intro
                                    (request from drain!)

here is the end: