Ambience 99 invitation by Image!

 (c) 1999 Image!                                 ~Ambience'99 (small) invite
                                                       Ambience'99. Be There.
                                                            or Be Triangular!

          >> For Ambience information please read "amb99-10.nfo" <<

     First of all, thanks for downloading this rather huge invite package!
     Secondly.. Yes you are right, this is a rather small invite, as we
     didn't have enough time to serve you a more stuphed invitation.. 
     We are very sorry about this, but it seems that real-life is 
     constantly robbing us from time to create fresh code these days..

     But who needs invites these days anyway..
     When everyone has access to the web?

       >> For additional information, reservations, pictures from the <<
       >> location, additional sponsored prizes, etc. Go to:          <<


     Code by Fyr/Image!.
     Graphics by Unique/Image!.
     Music by Bassie/Image!.

     Abusing           ... Fyr's DemoBuilder V1.0
                       ... M$ DirectX (make sure you have installed
                                       version > 5.x running)
                       ... Midas      (I guess :)

                                                       Ambience'99. Be There.
                                                       or Be Triangular!