(we took the) greenpill by Haujobb


we have come to ask you to give in to remind you.
we are here to get to know your fate.
we have arrived but no-one one can locate.
we fulfill you so you can move aside.
we recreate what has never died.
we hear whispers in the wind we can tune in to Him.
we will never perish.
we remember where it ends and where we begin.
where it ends is where we begin.
we wish to see you inside we wish to see you inside.
the show the show we can end it all suddenly.
we are the picture come to colour.
we have carved in what you've borrowed.
we inhale the star to lite the dark we can never be known.
we wave our hand despite the demand.
we scratch an itch to blunt the edge of roman candle sun.
dust and stone, dust and sun we wish to watch forever.
move into it, we conquer it, we demolish it, shit, we'll work on it.
we are the work of art in it.
shun the circle, shoot the circle, shoot the circle in the middle.
we shake to make it fade, we succeed in all our pinning.
in all our pinning.
a seamless deal a siren sound, we turn the crank of tooth around.
gotta keep 'em coming, gotta keep 'em coming.
we are the who, the what, the why.
when we come inside, you move aside.
forget who we ever met, forget what we ever said.
we operate, we can bypass the weight of the occult Secret.
we've all taken our turn.
we've all taken our turn.

E n d ?

-- people say that haujobb demos too similiar to each other? --

are you for real?

watch these PC demos/intros in a row and think again:

discloned remix                  "blurry floating"
kosmiset avaruus sienet    "MotherFucking eXtreme"
mosaik                             "bright beauty"
chillin                            "slow chillout"
dead cells                                 "metal"
true evil witch                   "oldskool story"
strange feelings                 "ambient vs rock"
unet sydämen ajatuksia        "black&white poetry"
art                                  "art gallery"
true                                        "true"
mikrostrange                                 "pop"
fukwit daddy                             "numedia"

ok, those are all the same.. it's hard to be different.

Extreme lines by the guy in the below.

Drawing a gorgeus male instead of a woman? No option. Same goes to boring pictures.
Horny? You said it, not me.

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