Utopos by Chronicle


	Last few notes...

	From this disk you should find a demo version of Chronicle's new
shareware game for STE, UTOPOS. The actual release date is 26.04.1993...
The game needs 1Mb Atari STE to work. If you like playing Utopos and want
to get the full version of it, send œ6 to the following address:

			Jani Penttinen
			L„hdekuja 2b5
			16300 Orimattila

	If you have any problems with Utopos, feel free to contact us! If
you find any bugs from this demo version, please contact us and tell it!
NOTE: We will start sending full version of Utopos to registered people
after 14.06.1993.

	If you have a mega STE, TT or Falcon, please state it clearly when
registering. Also tell us how much memory you have in your machine.

	The file Utopos.prg in this disk is 223 Kbytes long (compressed
with Pack-Ice). This demo version is Public Domain so you can copy it to
all your friends! Please keep this file with the Utopos program.

	You should be playing Utopos now so I stop writing this doc now...
Utopos contains instructions (press HELP) so you should be able to get in


	I had to do some uncorrect coding to fit the program to one
megabyte of ram, so the only way to exit Utopos is to press reset.
There is, however, an emergency exit (by pressing the *-button of
numeric keypad.) which works if you've got more than one meg of ram,
but it's not recommended to use it at all.