Sneeze by Scarab Corpse [web]

 Scarab Corpse presents: Sneeze (final version)

 Ah.. Nice.. .Our first release.. Placed 2nd and all, not that bad, I  sincerly
 apologize for  the late arrival of  this final version, but school's taking up
 quite a lot of time, and I've been busy learning new routines from my menthors
 lately.. =)

 Anyhow, I've  changed some of the sync, some gfx has changed, and a scrolly in
 the  end-sequence  has been  added, the  waiting for  the  greetlist from  the
 members is one part of the delay..

 The actual reason why the demo got it's name "sneeze" is because  I managed to
 get a cold during the party, lot's of paper tissues all over the place.. Quite
 cozy anyhow..

 Actually this was  first called a dentro, somehow  I didn't know  that dentros
 had a limit  of 256k, anyway  it's called a demo from now on to make everybody

 Also we need to straighten out a few things, most of the graphics in this demo
 are  color-reduced and  doesn't look it's best  at all. So it's definately not 
 the fault of the artists, it's the fault of the 256 color limit. 

   All code by:
     Cloaked Alien

   Music by:

   Landscape, birds, aliens, ufos, fish, sun, moon and landscape font by:

   Frantic logo (intro) and small scc-logo in end sequence by:
   End-part scc-logo and scrolly font by:

   Ansi scc-logo by:
     Fat Pacifist 

 Please enjoy, and tell us what you think at: scarab_corpse@yahoo.com 
                                          or: cloaked@hem1.passagen.se
 All comments appreciated!
 Induvidual artist e-mails can also be requested from our mail-account!...

 //Cloaked Alien (coder/founder/organizer)