Soepkip 2 by Kontvlokken Posse

                 - Soepkip II þ the soepkip strikes back -

Da kontvlokken posse hits ya again with a lame 64k called Soepkip2. After the
overwhealming succes of our 3rd place demo at lowtemp97(tm) we thought some
lame routines and some textmode would do just fine to make sure our friends
at quad wouldn't finish last with their intro. (heck who knows, we might win
some more tshirts and yellow caps!) So don't take this serious, for we have
no idea wtf we are doing here anyway....

hi's and ho's go out to everybody at ambience here: quad, subsonic, emotive,
noseferatu, TBL, new order, green, fuel, maroon (you guys SUCK for not showing
up!:) ofcourse a lot more greets but I'm way too lazy to type em right now 
(and I'm listnening to "volkoren.it", wich doesn't contribute to my welbeing:)