De broodrooster by Kontvlokken Posse

        kontvlokken posse ism a special (anonymous:) guest presents:
                             þ braadraaster þ 

- If it doesn't work (and writes a '3' when you run it) you should free some 
  more mem (not sure how much, make it a lot). 
- If you are in any way offended by "de broidroister" you may want to read our
  latest book "I was offended by a Kontvlokken Posse-demo". For sale in any
  good bookstore late november this year.
- No breedreesters where harmed during the making of this production (we killed
  a chicken tho)
- Any similarities with existing breidreisters is purely coincidential
- any spelling errors are purely coincidental
- the same goes for coding errors
- The makers of this demo are in no way you can think of responsible for any 
  effect, positive or negative, this demo may have on you. Bomb letters will be
  returned to sender.
- We will NOT, and I mean it, release a lame soundblaster version. 
- The reading of this infofile is prohibited, violators will be prosecuted


The person who brings the nicest, shiniest, cutest, hottest, fastest, or coolest
bruidruister to Takeover98 will be rewarded with a kiss from skin/quad (okay,
that should take care of the bruudruusters)

- That's it, see you at takeover (or not)