meuk by Revolution

MEUK 4kbyte intro by ritz/revolution.

to hear sound [and probably also to run the intro]
you need a soundblasterthingy with DMA1 and address 220h.
if i get a lot of requests, i will release other
versions with other DMA channels. 

of course it will not run on win2000 or whatever.
(but there's a very small chance that this will change)
win98 works fine, though. [at least, it did at my pc]

i would like to thank franky for helping me out with
soundblaster code, and explaining me the basics of
realtime sound generating. also thanks to pim1 and dani
for mental support. then, i would like to thank
a lot of other people, because either they deserve
thanks, or maybe they just want to get thanked, and
who am i to deny them?

email: ritz@cyberjunkie.com