yoomp! 4k by jetset entertainment [web]

 yoomp! 4k

2007 jetset entertainment

"yoomp! 4k" is a small game that
adheres to the typical demoscene 4096
bytes filesize limit. To run it needs
DirectX 9 and the d3dx9_32.dll present
on your machine.

The goal is to control the rainbow
colored ball to avoid falling into
the holes.

Press [space] to start a new game.

Use the [left] and [right] cursor keys
to strafe sideways. Use the long jump
and teleporter pads wisely as they also
add more points to your score.

The game idea is based on a 2007
Atari XL game called "Yoomp!" which
can be found at: yoomp.atari.pl

It also has quite some resemblance
with "Trailblazer" (1986).

Have fun

Marc Kamradt

More at: www.jetset-entertainment.com