omo by The Planet Of Leather Moomins [web]

from:Jaakko Manninen <jak@am.fm.org>
to: feather@clinet.fi, ravenka@sci.fi
Subject: omo (secret memo)
here are the results of meny 5 day study of oral, rectal and 
nasal consumption of omo laundry detergent.

 1. for best results, always use the doser
 2. keep omo away from children!
 3. fresh omo always includes enzymes and odor
 4. omo color - for colored people
 5. omo cleanses your breath
 6. roll it with omo - guaranteed clean
 7. brush your teeth with omo
 8. dennisc feeds mama with omo
 9. halme never leaves home without omo
10. omo
    omo oi joi omo jomottaa
11. if you order now, you'll receive this container for FREE
    unkarilainen omo-gerbiili

-omo jaakkosi