ST-Sound Advance by Oxygene [web]

ST-Sound Advance
The biggest GBA Sound Demo
9h56 hours of ATARI and AMIGA music !

ST-Sound advance is an advanced sound emulator running on GameBoy Advance
system. The demo contains 240 famous ATARI-ST games tunes and 33 AMIGA Future-
Composer tunes. It runs on GBA emulators and real hardware too. (Best usage with
real hardware and headphones). Here are the credits:


    * Jochen Hippel (Madmax/TEX) He mades almost all the tunes on ATARI. Even if
      some of them are C64 convert, he really made theses tunes running on the
      YM2149 soundchip.
    * LAP
    * An Cool
    * Various AMIGA composers

Main programming: Arnaud Carré (Leonard/OXYGENE)

    * Main demo
    * Yamaha YM2149 soundchip emulator
    * AMIGA Paula soundchip emulator
    * Future-Composer 1.3 and 1.4 music driver

Additonal help:

    * M-Coder (Universal Jochen Hippel music driver)
    * James Boulton (Technical help about GBA low level sound system)


    * Nicolas Simon (Mon/OXYGENE)
    * Various old AMIGA artists

How to download the latest version ?

The best way is to surf on my web site at http://leonard.oxg.free.fr

How to use it

Better is to use a real hardware. If you don't have GBA dev system, you can run
it using PC emulators. (Better use Boycott-Advance, switching the "Auto
framekip" option ON).

Keys used in the demo

The demo starts with a randomly choosen song. You can press UP and DOWN to move
in the song list, and A-Button to play a selected song. B-Button is used to skip
to the next song. (Depending of the current playlist mode). The SELECT Button
change playlist mode between "SHUFFLE" (tunes are randomly ordered) or
"SEQUENT." (Tunes are sequentially ordered). START Button change the song lenght
mode between "COMPLETE" (The tune is played until the end) and "20 SEC" (Tune is
finished after 20 seconds). (START and SELECT have to be pressed twice in order
to change the current mode).

Technical details

I work in programming job since a while and I often do PC-DirectX stuff.
Sometimes I like to write some unusefull demos on little systems such as GBA.
This demo is written in C language. Believe me or not there is *no* assembly
code ! (even for the sound handler, the emulator engine or the rasters !). The
YM2149 and PAULA emulators are simple port of my ST-Sound program running on PC.
The YM2149 engine runs at 15.3Khz, and the AMIGA paula engine runs at 22Khz.
(You can press both L and R buttons in order to see the CPU load).

Please note the shuffle mode is a *real* one. That is, ALL tunes are played (no
tune is played two times). If you let the shuffle mode, you get real 9 hours and
56 minutes of no repeat sound !

Do you already see all my other stuff ? Go on my website:
http://leonard.oxg.free.fr (Do you already see my GBA 3D-Trip demo ?)


Arnaud Carré