arise - partyversion by Excess [web]

aRISe by Excess -- a crossplatform (win32/linux) demo
                   released at xenox 2001 xl
(v0.9 -- partyversion -- 10.08.2001)


code:	     sesse <sgunderson@bigfoot.com>
	     kusma <eflund@online.no>
music:	     trenedy <boombox@tb-303.org>
	     gloom <bent@gathering.org>
design/gfx:  gloom

Things to note

This demo uses OpenGL and FMOD. Please make sure you have the
latest drivers for everything -- it would really make the demo
work a lot better. :-)  aRISe is relatively non-picky about what
it runs on, we've had it going on at least six different machines
(Duron/Athlon/Celeron/P3/Win98/ME/2000/RedHat7.1) with different 
graphics-cards (ATI Rage128/Radeon/TNT/TNT2/GeForce2MX) with no 
known problems. We do not make any promise that it will run
smoothly on every possible combination of the above :-) 
3dfx cards have a maximum texture resolution size of 256x256, 
though, and aRISe will automatically scale the textures down to 
that size -- but the quality of backgrounds etc. will suck royaly. 
The bottom line is this -- it's very compatible, it even runs OK 
on the G200 under Linux, but please view it on a decent computer
(Duron/Celeron800/TNT2 should do it, but being in love with
nVidia we urge you to go the extra mile and get a GeForce-based

FMOD 3.33 has some problems with MP3 markers (which we sync to);
firelight very kindly provided a fixed fmod.dll for Windows,
but there wasn't time to get a Linux .so version running too.
In other words, the music might skip in places -- we look forward
to the next version of FMOD to fix these problems.

For Windows, just run the .exe provided -- for Linux, you might
want to copy "fmod-3.33.so" into /usr/lib, or run the demo with
"LD_LIBRARY_PATH=. ./arise-linux". You might also need libstdc++.so.3 --
it is part of any recent (ie. g++-3.0) libstdc++ package. Both
executables should behave identically, and they use the same data.

There are some switches (resolution, bit-depth etc.) to play with 
-- try running the demo with "-help". 32bpp depth and 32bpp 
Z-buffering is heavily recommended if your card can do it ("-32 -z32").

As most other groups, we also make the unlikely promise of releasing
a final-version of this demo. -Unlike- most other groups, we intend
to deliver. However; we now require sleep. Lots and lots of sleep. :)


aRISe would not have been the same without these libs:

OpenGL    - crossplatform 3D-acceleration. without OpenGL, no
FMOD	  - for quick and flexible sound support, and a very
	    helpful author.
expat     - quick and small XML parser (yes, we use XML for our
	    demo script ;-) )
libpng    - umm, loads PNGs.

In addition, there are some tools worth mentioning:

gcc/mingw - yay, it compiles stuff! ;-)
upx	  - for slashing the file sizes a bit

..and last but not least; a special thanks to Neon of Nocturnal for
giving away his metaball code, which we later tweaked, optimized
and used in aRISe. Long live code sharing, the true spirit of
the scene! :-)

Norwegian and international sceners of all shapes and beliefs, feel 
free to drop by on #scene.no on EFnet or www.demoscene.no, which 
soon will be launched with tutorials, sources, group-lists, 
messageboard, a *complete archive of Norwegian demos* and more.

See you all at The Gathering 2002!

- Excess 2001 - "we like demos"