Planquadrat-B by TAP [web]

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  (  o \_/ ö       _)        
 ____/ '?' \_____________________________________________________                     

 Planquadrat-B by TAP
 512k intro for the real session 3 party (trs.faque.de)

 It was the only entry in the 512k competition.

 I know that the design suffers from
 bad transitions, slow code, old effects and some bugs.
 I just wanted to have something for the party.

 Hacked with Delphi, using DelphiX and Turbopixels
 and Bass sound system.

 code, music by Tomaes; support by mados

 - 400Mhz processor
 - Win9x/2000 (possible that it works on other windows systems too)
 - DirectX 7
 - any graphic adapter that can handle 512x384x16bit 

 some parameters are:
 -windowed (for 16bit desktops only)
 -nosound (well, you know... no sound, no fun)

 Some other mysterious parameters may exist.