Balance by Pulse [web]

                                BALANCE by PULSE

                             code by Unreal + Camel
                                  gfx by Lazur
                        "Head: Dream Theater" by Scorpik

                                                        dedicated to Balance/TBL

        parts of 3d objs: Dox, Draco, and the last scene by Yasi/Sewage

  additional notes: last minute bugs made the gears scene look like it does.
         what the HELL 3d studio does to triangulate a circle!?!?

        problem: two of Lazur's pictures for this demo were 24bits, but I
        can only achieve 16bpp on my gfx-card, so I shown them this way,
        which made them lose their quality. Contact your local Pulse
        dealer to get the originals.

        we used Cubic MXM Player.
        btw, did I mention we used Cubic MXM Player?
        and now a commercial: we used Cubic MXM Player.

                pictures and music available at Akira or Unreal
°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°Ý Greetings part Þ°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°

  we send our sincere regards to following people and their respective teams

                Juggler/Xtacy, Nam/Melon, Virne/Coma, Onyx/S!P,
                Orion/Exmortis, Avran/Exmortis, Jasper/Substance,
                Wili/CnCd, Maf/Camorra, Ozir/Hypnotize, Maxwood/M12,
                JCAB/Iguana, Tsunami/VD^FLT, TMK/Inf, Case/CnCd,
                P-nut/Darkzone, Xanthome/Darkzone, r0k/KLF,
                Yarpen/Substance, Yoghurt/Poison, Spy/Poison,
                Apeli/Fascination, Fortune/Fascination, Chicken/FT,
                Fear/TBL, Galvados/Jamm, Lone Ranger/Acme, Simstim/Acme,
                Sigfrid/Impact, Scout/Success, Jaws/TPOLM,
                Warlock/Absence, Nuke/Absence, Boogeyman/Passion,
                Simm/Analogue, Oxbab/Oxygene, Hotblack/KLF,
                Simply/Parallax, Debug/Parallax, Optix/Valhalla,
                Statix/Psychic Link, Ravian/Jello, TheScorp/Subliminal,
                Fuzzel/Masque, Weed/Coral, Remdy/Dentifrice,
                Wizard/Imphobia, Walken/Impact Studios, Z/Kloon
                Antibyte/Scoopex, Nutcase/Balance, Nix/TBL, Jace/TBL,
                Ray/Equinox, Vip/Equinox, Rex Deathstar, Nitch/(u will
                see at tp6 :), Hoplite/Orange, Teddyboar/Grupa 10, and
                of course Balance/TBL.

        very special greetings from Unreal:
                Touchstone/Essence, Tremor/Dubius, Technomancer,
                Jare/Iguana, Silver Eagle/Pygmy and Karl/NoooN

                Jogeir Liljedahl/Scoop/NSL, Chris Meland/Scoop/NSL,
                Probe/VD^FLT, Clawz/Oxygene, Distance/Orange,
                Lizardking/TBL, Lizard/TBL, Archangel/TRSi,
                Ukulele/Banal Projects, Yolk/CnCd, Virgill/KLF,
                Chromag/Acme, Chrono/S!P, Jazz/Scoopex, Dr.Awesome,
                Dune/Orange, Jester/Pygmy Projects, KeyG/Substance,
                Raiden/Exmortis, Slaughter/Exmortis, Bartesek/Poison,
                Snoopy/Camorra, The Rew/Nostalgia, Vic/Acme, Spiryt,
                Metal/Analogue, Andy/Anarchy, Dave/Freezers,
                Radix/Balance, Drax/Vibrants, Norveg/Grupa 10, and the
                one and only Dan/Investation.

        very special greet to Jogeir Liljedahl for what he did that
                kept me alive these hard days.. thanks!

        gfx-artists, or Unreal's favourite greetings part:
                O'Neill/Psychic Link, Aap/Acme, Cyclone/Abyss,
                Acryl/Acme, Ra/NoooN, Danny/TBL, Lowlife/TBL, Louie/TBL,
                Rodney/TBL, Destop/CnCd, Kube/CnCd, Sky/Xography,
                BenJ/Imphobia, Axel/Melting Pots, Zeb/Orange, Der
                Piipo/Orange, Beast/Impulse, Rendall/Impulse,
                Excel/Balance, Made/Bomb, Sumaleth/Pearl, Zefir/UA,
                Yoga/UA, Peachy/Haujobb, Moony/Maak, Razorback/Doomsday,
                Ukko/Live, Tudor/TBL, Saddam/Funzine, Feather/TPOLM,
                Harlequin/Success, Dr.D/Investation, Ellyn/Exmortis,
                Grass/Hypnotize,  and CliffordM./Exmortis.

        message to DESTOP : Naaaah.

                Susius, Pantera/Balance, Lord/Absolute,
                Compile/Subliminal, GeneralLee/Freezers,
                Darkness/Imphobia, Sam/Imphobia, Lemming/Orange,
                Taskmaster/Fascination, Mike/Mystic, Femean/VD^FLT,
                Mop/Essence, Poul Videbaek/ex.Scavenger,
                Draco/Division303, Dox, Yasi/Sewage (contact us, man!),
                Michael Beals, Benjamin Hill, Gryzor, Lifter,
                Cortez/Absence, LeTigre, and DeepFreezer/Fuel.

                huge greetings to our mates in Exmortis and Poison
                and oh yes, thanks to Yoghurt and Spy for letting
                us use their machine to finish the demo, and well
                maybe the coop we talked about, some next time, guys?

        message to Yoghurt: pamietasz ta ostatnia scene, ktora nie chciala
        sie odpalic na party place? czuj, wracam do domu, odpalilem sobie
        tego samego bat'a ktory wszystko kompilowal, i POSZLO, od razu.