No Lamers Allowed by Paranoids

Yo....That's it...finally....first demo from PARANOIDS....
We like to take care all of you, so read following text very well:

This demo dosn't play music's with ThunderBoard music card..sorry guys, but
ThunderBoard is not 100% compatible with SoundBlaster, so we have big problems
to make it working with non-100% compatible cards.....also remember, this
demo works ONLY if you have minimum 286/12Mhz with VGA graphics cards
installed....we have tested this demo very much, BUT if it's dosn't work
in your computer...don't blame me....we have just little bit complicate
routines which means, something can happend...

At least, if you have any problems, or want just contact us, write to:

Dr.Doom of Paranoids
Soisalmentie 13
15860 Hollola

Or call to our HQ:

Tommy's Special SBBS
+358-18-805 888
2400-9600bps (HST coming soon ;)

Have fun!

-=[ Dr.Doom/Paranoids ]=-