Dark Silence by Magic Dreams [web]

                        M        M  	DDDDDDDD
                       MMM      MMM  	 DDD   DDD
                      MM MM    MM MM  	  DD     DDD
                      MM MM   MM  MM 	  DDD     DDD
                     MM   MM MM    MM  	  DDD     DDD
                     MM    MMM     MM  	  DD     DDD
    		    MM      M       MM 	 DDD   DDD
		    MM              MM 	DDDDDDDD 

                =>  'M'A'G'I'C'   'D'R'E'A'M'S'  <=  
                          >>  D A R K  << 
                       >>  S I L E N C E  <<     

                     Released at Convention 1999  


 1. Introduction

    Magic Dreams is back with another demo! After one year we finally
    succeded in releasing a new demo. We hope you like as much is we do.
    We worked about half a year on it. And we are quite satisfied with it.
    As usual, most work was done in the last few weeks and we are really
    happy to finish it now.
    Have fun watching it!

 2. Hardware & technial data
    This demo needs a least a Pentium 166 with a 3d-accelerator card.
    DirectX 6.0 must be installed because we use DirectX and Direct3D.
    Therefore you need a current 3d-accelerator card supporting alpha-
    blending (e.g. RIVA 128). The reason why we use 3d-accelerators is,
    that it is the standard and surely the future. Most groups use
    the hardware mixing of the Gravis Ultrasound, why not use hardware
    for drawing the triangles?
    For the best possible sound quality we use MIDAS 1.1.1. (C) by Sahara
    Surfers. The sound itself was tracked by cMAN using FastTracker II.
    The demo consists of about 5MB textures, 1MB 3d-scenes and about 20000
    lines of code (C++ and assembler). The demo is based up on our engine
    called MERLIN, which supports trilinear filtering, reflections, particle
    system, curved surfaces and colored dynamic lightning.

 3. The staff

    Currently members of Magic Dreams are:
      Wolfgang "CodeX" Rössler		coding, organizing, 3d-modelling
      Tobias "Amytur" Bauer		3d-modelling
      Jörg "Ewok" Fröber		3d-modelling, web-master
      Lars "cMAN" Djupegot		music
      Michael "Tuxie" Steiner		2d-art
      Bernhard "Warlock" Kelz		3d-modelling
      Julia "Duffy" Mark		additional design
      Dominik "AgroSk" Bauer		2d-art

   For this demo also contributed Elmar "elmaks" Kretzer of Team Grönland.			

   If you want to you join us, don't hesitate to contact us!

 4. Contact

   Visit our internet site: www.magic-dreams.de


     CodeX		CodeX@Magic-Dreams.de
     Amytur		Amytur@Magic-Dreams.de
     Ewok		Ewok@Magic-Dreams.de
     cMAN		cMAN@Magic-Dreams.de
     Tuxie		Tuxie@Magic-Dreams.de
     Warlock		Bernhard.Kelz@T-Online.de
     Duffy		Duffy@Magic-Dreams.de
     AgroSk		AgroSk@Magic-Dreams.de

  Snail Mail (CodeX):
     Wolfgang Rössler
     St.-Michael-Str. 3
     95701 Pechbrunn

  Phone (CodeX)
     from Germany:  09231 63085
     from outside Germany:  +49 9231 63085   

 5. Greetings and Message

   Greetings go to the following groups:

     GUILTY OF DESIGN	  Sorry that we didn't manage to come the 
			  Evoke this year. We hope you will rule

     MATRIX		  Probably the best democrew. "The Fulcrum"
			  and "GCube" are really fantastic





     TEAM GRÖNLAND	  Hi Elmar!


 6. Disclaimer

   This demo has been thoroughly tested and found not to cause any
   kind of damage to hardware or any kind of data loss. if however
   something bad happens while you are running DarkSilence, Magic 
   Dreams takes no responsibility for this. You use this program on
   your own risk.
   This demo may freely be copied and distributed if no money is
   charged for it. Magic Dreamsholds the copyright for the demosystem
   and datafiles, Housemarque Inc. holds the copyright for the midas 
   sound system. This means that you are not allowed to make money on 
   Dark Silence without the written permission from Magic Dreams. If
   you want to include it on a cd, please contact us.