Time Machine by ADDiCT [web]

	 Lettique Archon Kazik Malfunction Neuroup TowerX

       	           DirectX7 accelerated demo

		     - Time       Machine -

 - Credits

Idea, Design, Code, 3d			- 	     Lettique
Main Soundtrack				-   	       Archon
Logo Soundtrack				-              TowerX
Artwork					-               Kazik
Artwork					-         Malfunction
Additional Meshes			-	      Neuroup

One  texture  by  Inferno/Exceed  from Origin/Astroidea demo.
The  Addict   Logo   -  Addict   Newborn  -   by Reve/Addict.

Special thanks to  Bayger/Addict for giving me  one tip which
save my demo at the compo.

DirectX7 by Microsoft
IntelJpegLibrary 1.0 by Intel
Bass0.8a by Ian Luck

- Running:
It's  strongly  recommended  to  run  the  demo  at following
setting: 640x480x32, mipmapping, TnLHal (GeForce).    Setting
the resolution  higher  than default in some effects will not
increase the quality. The engine's setup runs  when the  demo
runs first time on computer. You can run the  setup  manually 
typing  "-setup"  in command  line.  The LaCubeDX  engine  is
optimized for GeForce. However it runs pretty well on Riva128
too.  On LaCubeDX GeForce is faster than Athlon software TnL.

- Technical
Tested under Windows 98 FE and SE and under Windows 2k  Prof,
no problems found.  To watch the demo you  need at least  DX7
(not testes under DX8beta), fast 3d card  (multitexturing  is
recommended, this is a common thing in  all modern 3d cards),
64 megabytes of ram. Tested on following chipsets: TNT, Vanta
TNT2M64, G400,  GeForce DDR and no problems found.  It should
works on the most of today 3d cards. On Riva128  and Intel740
not all effects can be seen coz of no multitexturing support.
If you have any problem try to  update drivers.  It helps  in
the most of common cases.
Anyway you can  drop me a bugreport,  for an email see below,
or  try  to  find  me   at  IRC:  #polishscene,   #demoscene,
#coders,   #coders.pl. The engine  was  coding  on  c366@460,
Vanta  but mostly  on Athlon600@700 and GeForceDDR.
Everythings  worked  perfectly.

- Contact:
Lettique       - lettique@bigfoot.com / l.migas@wsisiz.edu.pl
TowerX                                         - ask Lettique
Archon                                     - ask Lettique too
Kazik                            - kazik@optimus.opnt.wroc.pl
Malfunction - malfunction@bigfoot.com / s.bubel@wsisiz.edu.pl
Neuroup 	                  - neuroup@agravedict.art.pl

- Updating:
To get the newest version of the LaCubeDX engine -  LaCubeDX.dll
look into:  http://lett.go.to  / http://www.wsisiz.edu.pl/~migas
Look at  the notes at  www before  start to  download it.  After 
downloading you can simply copy it into the demo's directory and 
run the demo.

- Additional:
On big screen and very loud speakers the demo looks cool!!!!

Pytanie dla zainteresowanych wygraniem grosza:
jak jest kmieæ po angielsku, aha i nie "a peasant" =)
kontakt: lettique@bigfoot.com ;)