feedback. by Suboptical

Feedback - a Coma 3 presentation. This is a preliminary info file to accompany the party version of the demo. A proper information file (greets, extended credits, more information about how we made the demo, etc.) will accompany the final version of the demo.

Brief Credits

Main Code: vastator, sylphin
Prophecy3D code: wog, karski
Sound code: firelight (FMOD)
Textures: vastator, kindred


(2 weeks ago) Coma 2001 happens soon - we should make a demo shouldn't we. It's in the middle of school, where are we going to find time.
(2 days ago) Hmm.. we just arrived at Coma 2001.. 60% of the demo is not done. We have not slept since Thursday morning.
(yesterday) Coma 2001 has finished. We still haven't slept since Thursday morning.


A OpenGL supporting 3D card with good drivers.
A decent audio card.

Special Thanks

Kindred and Diver 777
- for constantly encouraging us during Coma, to complete the demo, and to justify our not leaving our seats for the past 3 days.
- for providing equipment without which, the demo could not have been completed.
- for driving us to Coma. =)


This was a poem called 'Story' written by Vastator on 12/30/00.

I awoke to a desolate landscape.
In all directions lifeless, cold.
My blood freezing, my soul choking,
With the echoes of what could have been,
And of those, who could have been.
Instead they all lie static.
Alone, I wandered.
The ghosts of those distant threatening to dissolve,
What was once light, into shadow.
Their black tendrils penetrating, assimilating.
Unity of purpose, shattered lives.
Struggle against what? The dead?
They are just that.
Yet still they pull. 
Confusion in doctrine.
Strife in action.
One day the clouds broke.
What was once myth proved itself real. 
I awoke to this same tortured dead world,
Only to notice that another soul was tilling the Earth
I asked this soul, "Why work this dead land?"
The soul responded like wind blowing through a crystalline dream,
"Is it really dead, or have you just lost hope?"
"Hope? How can there be hope in this?"
"How can a blind man still see beauty?"
With that I fell aback. Clarity born from oversight.
I rose up again only to find that for all this time,
For all this lost effort,
I too had the means. 
My corruption broken, my soul released, the work ensued.
Time passes.
We lie now, awake, embraced by a vibrant green glow,
From horizon to horizon, in a world,
That was never truly desolate.


Kindred - kindred@techie.com
Sylphin - sylphin@goatrance.com
Vastator - joseph.mocanu@twilight3d.com / joe@suboptical.com

Web page: www.suboptical.com in theory is alive, but have not yet had time to work on it =) In the meanwhile, coders, why not try the Prophecy SDK out for yourself at http://www.twilight3d.com (disclaimer: currently in alpha)!