Matriisi by Mooze [web]

Yeah, tulipahan sitten tehty„ parin vuoden tauon j„lkeen
taas vaihteeksi jotain pient„.

pistinp„ sorsankin mukaan, niin joku voi kauhulla katsoa
sit„, tuskin kuitenkaan saa selv„„ siit„..


Yeah, after two years of strict self-discipline and 
guru meditation I decided to buy some traditional finnish
food and have a day off duty. So I coded this.. "matriisi".

I must say, that I was surprised to find myself winning
the compo, but shit happens as the ancient romans said.
Or was it "veni, vidi, vici" :) rahahahahh

assembly sucks, assembler rules. kill quake, min„ juan.

loko / mooze  (v158929@proffa.cc.tut.fi)

check it out ye funk soul brotha:

btw. thanks to juffo for helping me with multilanguage options

wooah, and the greetings:
viznut & rest of pwp, scallop, shd, 
kala, perttu & pauli da musician,
nordic vision (dead people), 
cobra creations (also very dead),
harmu (you guys rule hehe)