Radiant by Dazed Productions

   RADIANT   by Juippi/Tempo&Dzd

    a 4k-intro for Assembly99 4k-introcompo

  radiantc.com - compo version, doesn't display author
  radiantr.com - release version, displays author
  radiant.nfo  - this file

 System requirements:

  A fast (pentium-class) pc
  about 400k of free base memory
  A display adapter and monitor capable of using the standard
  320*200*256 -mode (mode 0x13)


  A really fast pc (at least 233mhz, preferably much more)
  A sound blaster or compatible (Gus with SBOS is ok)
   with a correctly set BLASTER -enviroment variable. If the
   variable isn't found or is set incorrectly, the sound will NOT work!
   (supports dma 0-3, irq 3,5 and 7 and ports 220-260, at least in theory.
   dma 1, port 220 and irq:s 3, 5 and 7 tested)

 To run the intro in normal mode, just type

  'radiantc' (or radiantr to see the release version (no much difference))

 To run the intro in nosound-mode, type

  'radiantc -mixerdevice=NONE -scanenv=NO -mixing_frec=-1 -syncmode=0x9e'

  (well, actually any command line parameter(s) will make the intro
  to run in nosound-mode)


  - Ultra-cool graphics with many different colors on the screen
  at the same time

  - A great soundsystem with 256 bit mixing, 65536*oversampling,
  quadratic spline interpolation and a highly sophisticated lo-fi filter
  which makes it all sound like 8-bit sawwaves and a generated drumloop

  - Some 3d-effects!

 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

 Greets go to Iustus, Wayout, Acute and all Tempo members. Special thanks
 go to Iustus for helping me to debug my sb-routines by testing then with
 his machine (I have only a GUS myself)