sugar cube hunter by TAP [web]

      sugar cube hunter

    a little game by tap

Q: What do I need in order to
   play the game?
A: Not much. A not-that-slow cpu,
   Windows 95 and at least DirectX7
   and something to produce some
   noise. Make sure your desktop
   runs in 16 or 32 bit colour 

Q: How to play?
A: Press F1 in the title screen.

Q: Can I play in fullscreen too?
A: Yes. Use "-fullscreen" as command
   line parameter.

Q: Other parameters?
A: Well "-fps" shows some pseudo debug 
   info while playing in windowed mode.
   Nothing of high intrest...

Q: This game looks unfinished.
A: It is. It was released at the
   TRS meeting (trs.faque.de). Although
   I planned to make a final version, I
   lost intrest rather soon, and so..
   here it is. :)
Q: Any changes since the TRS version?
A: No... well, yes, this info file.

Q: The game is much too fast.
A: 1. You're much too slow. ;)
   2. Check your input device (keyboard).
      At the TRS I noticed, that many people
      are not able to play this game, because
      their keyboards were crappy.
   3. Have you ever enjoyed playing nibbles
      at the highest possible speed?
      If not, this might be the wrong game
      for you anyway. ;) 
   4. The timing is somewhat strange.
      (might happen on some machines)

Q: Any chance to destroy those nasty
   red stones?
A: Yes. Collect 4 yellow stones to make
   those red stones turn into dark red ones.
   Now, you have maximum shild and the
   red stones do not cause damage anymore. 
   If you happen to collect 5 yellow stones
   or more you are superman ("beserk mode").
   Now, the dark red stones turn to green
   ones and INCREASE your energy.
   Note that the level number is equal to the
   number of yellow stones in that level.
   In the first level you'll find only one
   yellow stone, in the 4th level
   there are 4... etc. 

Q: What's the best strategy to gain as
   much points as possible?
A: In the first levels your top priority should 
   be, to collect the white stones first, because
   there are not enough yellow stones around to
   gain "maximum shild" or "berserk" mode. 
   In level 4 (and up) the priority changes.
   From now on, the yellow stones are the ones
   to go for first. Ones you you have "maximum
   shild" you don't need to care about the
   red stones at all. Just collect the other
   yellow stones left in the level and destroy
   all remaining (now green) stones. 
   Remember: The more yellow stones you have,
   the more your energy (and score) will increase
   by hitting the green stones. 
   Conclusion: Once you have 4 yellow stones
   (almost) nothing can happen to you in that
   level. Just clear up the mess and get LOTS
   of points. :)

Q: Sounds complicated.
A: It's not. The complicated part is to get
   to level 4 (and up) to have a chance to
   have fun in "berserk" mode. ;)

Q: Is there a way to change the default direction
   after starting a level?
A: Yes. Just press one of the cursor keys instead
   of space to decide where to go first.

Q: What's the highest score?
A: Once I managed to gain something like
   17000 points. However, you can feel happy
   once you crossed the 10000-border.

Q: Who made this game?
A: Tomaes (http://tomaes.tap-home.de).
   The icon was done by mados (http://come.to/mados)
   Note that this is a pure fun production hacked
   very quickly for the TRS game competition
   (it won because of no other serious entry). 
   I'm quite sure, that there are a lot
   of bugs left...

Q: I have a question that was not answered in this FAQ!
A: Me too. (Sense of life anyone? ;)
   Ok, send a mail to tom@tap-home.de.   

Q: Eof?
A: True.