Delirious by Image!

                             ~D E L I R I O U S

                              a hardcode intro

        Code: Cypher.Vision.The Russian
        Music Remix: Corvo/Spirit NS
        Gfx/Layout/Design: Quicksilver.

        This intro is old.
        Beard, granny, creation of worlds. that sort of stuff.

        We finished this old intro and released it at X97Take.over

        ~Behind the scenes (exclusive)
        We had an unfinished intro lying around from Bizarre'96,
        and we wanted to do some hardcore coding again (true asm), so we
        finished this delayed Intro.

        The roller coaster idea was not stolen from Cubic Team, we came up
        with this code 3 weeks before they released their Toasted demo, but
        we never got around to really finishing/releasing it..
        ahwell after seeing their real rollercoaster we didn't care anymore.

        The music was not originally made by Corvo, but it was made by Probe
        (in 1993), but we needed some music fast for this intro so we asked
        Corvo to remix this song. As he remixed it he also made a lott of
        new patterns for it (and the cool breakbeat). The original music was
        about 47kb in length, corvo expanded it to 117kb and we placed it in
        a 64kb intro.

        Our first version of Delirious look quite a bit different, it had a
        bit of code from Fyr, an unstable nature, no graphics, and an
        unfinished feeling to it.. Gladly we cancelled it at BZR, although
        Fyr wasn't that happy with our decision ;)

        ouch.. our 5th intro in a row ..
        I guess we should earn a note in the guiness book of records!


        .Don't forget, very very soon another decent production from IMG.

                                                            Skin must go to :
                             Acme  Analogue  Awake!  Destiny  Fiction  Infuse
                 Jello  Nostalgia  Quad  SpiritNS  SuccesS  Surrilix  Tequila
                                        The Black Lotus  Trepaan  Void  Witan

        .What's next?
        .I guess you just put your dick in and explode!'
        .['The Delirious tour', Eddy Murphy]