shism by zone51 [web]

		s  h  i  s  m

					zone51 5th demo

					acid	: code, design, 3d & 2d
					beton	: 3d & 2d
					dlord	: 3d
					juve	: music


					fast procesor (pIII/atlon with lots of MHz)
					fast gfx card (gf or beter, rivatnt is enought)

					bass 1.0 (c)1999-2001 Ian Luck.
					ijl 1.5 (c)1998-2001 Intel Co.

					we are who we are
					we greets who we greets
					we do what we do becaus we like it
					we think what we think
					and turn it into sounds and colors
					dont you think we are good ?

					publishing without permision prohibited 
					if you want use this demo write to:

					you are using this product on your own	
					risk there we do not take responsibility
					for any posible damage this program may