Off The Shelf by Loonies [web]

"Off The Shelf" by psycho@loonies.dk

Path Tracing in glsl 1.2 - pixelshader 3 (or probably 4) level hardware required.
I wanted to do something more, but neither the hardware nor the drivers could do as I expected, so I fell back to this instead.

It's made on my 1k setup, so it's kinda dirty. Just hold escape, not the mouse to exit during or after rendering. Only tested on geforce 8600 mobile, gotta make it work on my radeon when I get home..

shelf_30 - preview, start with this to test :)
shelf_200 - 200 rays
shelf_400 - 400 rays
shelf_compo_200 - 200 rays, black screen until ready
shelf_compo - 400 rays, organizers start here, I hope the compomachine can do within the time limit..