Tremor by Demolition


 a 1996 DEMOlition release

 first presented in Text Mode Demo Compo.


You should have the following files in the archive. Any files other
than  this  that you may find in it is either a crappy  BBS  ad  or
something like that. Delete it! :P

    File Name      Size
    FILE_ID .DIZ       177
    TREMOR  .EXE   226,189
    TREMOR  .NFO     7,970
    WF-DRAG2.XM    555,306

Take a check at the file sizes. If they do not tally with what you
have here, don't blame me if it turns out to be a virus or trojan!

Tremor is a property of DEMOlition. The archive may be distributed
only  in its original form, provided there is no monetory gain  in
its  distribution. Any of its distribution in any form that  makes
money  (e.g. CD-ROM)  requires permission  from  our  main  coder,
Nicky Bay, via email through the internet.

þ Disclaimer þ

Any  damage  caused  to your hardware/software after  running  Tremor
is not my fault, however remote. However, you can hold me responsible
if something neat happens to you! ;)

þ System Recommendations þ

    * 486dx and above (suxx on 386)
    * GUS/SB Compatible
    * Good pair of speakers for volume boost + stereo
    * If all else fails, watch it on a rich friend's PC. :)

þ Note þ

    * If the demo fails to detect your sound card, check to see
      if your sound card is supported. (i.e. GUS/SB compatible)
    * Make sure you have your sound card environment  variables
      set correctly in your AUTOEXEC.BAT
      e.g. SET BLASTER A220 I5 D1 H5

þ about DEMOlition þ

DEMOlition was founded about 2 weeks before TMDC (11.11.96). We've had
previous releases (Vortex, 3rd at The Scene '96, Singapore) but it was
only until now that we've gotten a group name for ourselves. :P

BTW, we live in Singapore, a little island at the Southern tip of  the
Malaysian  Peninsula  in South-East Asia. Demos are  not  really  very
popular  in  this  region, but at least we have our  own  demo  compo,
"The Scene"! :)

The current members of DEMOlition are

 Handle     Real Name        Age Contact (Email)           Job      IRC Nick
 Genma1/4   Nicky Bay        18  nickybay@cyberway.com.sg  Coder    Genma
 Quark      Christopher Tay  18  mengkeat@pacific.net.sg   Coder    TheTick
 Lord Ming  Wee Soon Ming    19           -                Musician    -

We're  looking  for a good graphics artist. Contact us  if  you  are
interested in joining our group!

If you want your mail to us to be seen, read and replied fast, email
me (Nicky Bay) at : nickybay@cyberway.com.sg

If you do not get a reply soon, try the other email addresses listed
above. One of them is bound to work!!

It is also possible to find me at local (Singapore) BBSes :

    Hyper BBS            (065) 567-4879
    Silhouette Online #1 (065) 382-9905
    Silhouette Online #2 (065) 285-4740
    Top Secret           (065) 741-9457

We do need comments and whatever criticism on our works. Email to us
if possible!!! :) You can also find some of my works at :


    Vortex - http://www.cdrom.com/pub/demos/demos/1996/v/vortex.zip

þ about Tremor þ

Tremor  is actually a rush job, coded in 2 weeks. I'm in the midst  of  my
exams, but I've already promised an entry to the compo... Anyway, this was
almost  a solo production. Quark had other commitments (e.g. watching  TV)
and  only  helped me out in learning C and writing the video mode  setting
function. The music player is MikMod v2.03 by MikMak/HaRDCoDE. thanks! All
the rest of the code and ideas are by mua, Nicky Bay :)

                           ÷ The Music ÷
As  for  the  music, World of Dragons, I have to say a big  thank  you  to
Lizardking/Triton  for  helping  me on this one. My own  musician  had  no
time  to  create  anything...thanks also  go  to  The Joker/Crusaders  for
some "moral support" (urr, giving me pressure?? 8) ).

                        ÷ My First Program :) ÷
Tremor  is  also  my very FIRST program in C. Every single line  had  been
written from scratch. I learnt C for coding Tremor, after ditching Pascal.
Thanks  to Quark also for teaching me a bit of C. Sad to say I've not much
time to optimize anything, just  glad that it finally came out. :)
No ASM was used...just C. ;)

                           ÷ Why "Tremor"? ÷
Dun ask me..but it sounds nice right? Had actually planned for other  dumb
names like "Lametro". :P But settled for "Tremor" becoz...it tremors??

                      ÷ Some Technical Details ÷

þ Starting Sequence
  Triple light source RGB Bump shading.
  Thanks to whoever (!?) for the skull pic!

þ RGB Delayed Light
  Slightly modified delayed RGB light which moves with music beat. :)

þ 3D Face with RGB Light
  550 vertices, 1039 faces. Uses RGB light as environment map.
  The face had been widened at the sides, as I thought it was too thin.
  There *is* aspect ratio correction.

þ 3D Face Splashing into Water
  Same  3D object as above, with fake phong shading. (I can't  seem  to
  see  the  difference though 8> ) Modified shading  while  underwater,
  and  creates bubbling sounds from speaker to speaker in  rhythm  with
  the movement of the 3D object. (panning)

þ Map Roto-Zoom
  Same  sickening stuff you see in lots of old demos eh? Again, it  was
  slightly modified from the normal roto-zoomer. It "smashes" with  the
  screen though. :)

þ Rippling Waves
  This wave rippling from the center is also shaded with the RGB triple
  light source. :)

þ Duo-wave Intersection Zoomer
  Modified  version of the wave-intersection effect from  "Vortex".  It
  includes a zoomer and RGB shading. It zooms in and out with the music

þ Shaded Water
  Call  it phong or triple light source or bump or environment  map. :)
  I'd  use all of these names. The words appear and disappear with  the
  music beat yet again. :)
  ps:sorry if I "split up" your group names..screen wasn't big enough.

þ Grand Finale Super Mix :}
  Jumps  from effect to effect from previous parts with the music beat.
  (no more time...had to do this lame thing to fill up the gap. :> )

þ "Tremor" Ending
  Bump triple light source of the demo title, Tremor.
  The title is hand-drawn by me...sux eh?
  It shakes with booming sounds...:)

Send me an E-mail if you want to discuss any part of the demo with me.

þ Greetz þ

DEMOlition greets the following in NO particular order :

     Waterlogic                                Triton
       Archangels                  Mode XiX
                     Prologic 303
      Inner Option            Powersurge

Messy isn't it? 
Sorry if I missed anyone out..I just vomitted these names outta my mind. ;)


Signing off,
Nicky Bay
Genma1/4, DEMOlition '96