Childbone by NAA

                              Childbone(final version)

Party version released At The LTP4 in August 2000 
Final version released At my home in November 2000
Final2 version released At my home in February 2001

== N.A.A Crew :===============================================================
Official N.A.A Members List (in historical order):

Pseudo   Activities         e-mail

ZooM     Musician           guru@cybercable.fr
Hufo     Coder              hufo@planet-d.net
MaMe     3d Artist          mengaillou@caramail.com
Freeman  3d Artist	    x
Ben      3d Artist          x

Final version CHANGELOG:

_ corrected rendering options dialog box
_ corrected script bug in the pyramide scene
_ corrected the ripple transition effect
_ others 3d engine bug fix & enhancements
_ corrected bug that desactivated all ogl extentions

N.A.A News:

Once again, We dramatically need a graphist. If you are interested and 

 please contact us (ZooM or Hufo).

PS: what "N.A.A" stands for?    -> Nothing At All     :-)

==Some Words from ZooM========================================================

At least we have done something very different from our first demo. This time
i won't bother you (?) with some unuseful stuff...

Down to the bone contains samples from:Sepultura, Dead can Dance, Rhapsody, 
Matrix, NightFall.
Choosen Few contains samples from: Dead Can Dance, Laurent Garnier.

I want to say a big "bonjour merci sans sucre" to Tea-Jay from Newgen.
Each of us choose his way, let's track together one day  my friend.

 --Michael G.
 --Jogeir Liljedahl
 --The Artist formely known as Moby

This is it. Wanna get in touch with me, easy :   	ZooM / NAA
							Allen Blackwell
							27 rue mgr von galen
							45100 Orleans

I always wanted to belong to the scene, but i don't think that i will
never be admitted, but i don't care, i do what i want to do. I am not an
elite, I ain't not lamer. I won't waste my time talking with people that i
don't like just to get some vote or some greetz. RESPECT.

P.S: I promise that i won't do this anymore,enfin peut être... :)
P.S': Rez, I thank you because you were the motivation for RIP, Instead of
looking for error in the .nfo You'd better get a life. Well anyway, the scene
need you, and we love you... :P

                                  C U SOON

== Some words from Hufo :=====================================================

This is the result of 1 year of hard coding
I'm quite satisfied with the result.
I greetz everybody who liked this demo
and I'll says to others to show me they
can do a better one!

                                               Hufo / NAA
                                               or: Jeremie Allard
                                                   6 allee Clos du Mesnil
                                                   45590 Saint Cyr en Val


============Some words from Ben===============================================

This is my first participation to a demo. I really enjoyed  working on it, I hope 
you'll enjoy it. 
I am very proud of the modelisation we've done with Freeman : we've looked for the 
cleanest meshes and the fewest polygons (that's the rules with a poor 3d engine ;)
The animation gave me some long time of alone laughing (only me can understand).
The last graph was the most boring thing I have to do, and I am not very proud of
it (don't ask why, just a question of feeling).

I am sorry for my bad English. 

          See you soon.

                                             Ben / NAA
                                             Benoit Basseville 
                                             35 rue de Vaucouleurs
                                             45100 Orleans


============ some words from MaMe ==============================================

I've not worked a lot on this demo, indeed I only made one gfx (title)
You are graphist ? you want to assist or even replace me ? -> contact us
Actually, I'm not a real graphist but I do my best.
I think this new demo is a good one ! But working again will not be useless ;)
I send thanks to all my team for being so nice guys to bear me...
Hello world to the whole scene and especially to Amiga scene, I began with.
That's all folk, see you soon on next release I hope ! 
( et vive la langue française ;)  Damn my english !

								MaMe / NAA
								Mathieu Mengaillou
								2 route d'Isdes 
								45600 Sully sur Loire


P.S: Do not hesitate to send Bug reports, post card, cornflakes

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