Catch Bunny If You Can by Static [web]

              CATCH BUNNY IF YOU CAN

Another weird production by active cell of Static.

I dont know how fast cpu is needed to run it,
works with p4/1.7Ghz 386mb "ok".

Code, GFX, modelling, (stupid) design etc. was
done by me, Micster made music. Some additional
crazy ideas came from mysteryartist JMH. Hope
someone likes, atleast I made something once again.

"How low can you go?" - (c) Static 2008

 "something in the beer..."

So well, few words has to be said. The main idea
was to create simple funny ok-looking story based
on .. hmm easter and bunny. Traumatique-idea was
used but not completed for many reasons. There
would have been rabbit that destroys whole earth
in the end but lack of resources it wasn't just
possible, no net for example.... I even couldn't use
multitexturing arghhh...

I have been without net for many months, my opengl/dx
etc. drivers are outdated, demo was coded with vc6,
I had to choose one of micster's old songs
(I chose most weird one ofcourse;) so not much effects
and modelling is not very interesting.

There was no keyframing, everything done in code,
much hardcode asS you can imagine and those
666 things... well you probably guess the rest.

mm.. so, I dont even know if this works correctly
in any other machine than mine, hopefully does.

Next demo will be for some compo if I get net soon enough
and other stuff.

...anyways to get this shitty to net i had to fix my
256mb usb-card with glue and tape, pretty funny looking
piece of crap. Moment im writing this im not sure if it
even works in any other computer or if any1 lets me to
use it "dont put THAT in to my dear machine!" :) ..
.. continues: My card smashed the day I was supposed to
release this so WE ARE BIT TOO LATE hee hee.. anyways,
better later than never.

Endpart would have been done but Micster didnt have
enough time to make mp3 for like 2min part, and it was
half ready from my side. Maybe we'll release some heh
"full version" next years easter, better, faster heehee...

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