IsoHack by GL.Fusion


For those that don't follow pouet drama:
I was unable to pack our "real" entry into 4k,
and releasing it in the demo category would break
my heart, so this short entry was created this morning.
I'd actually add more stuff in, like _real_ sound,
but I'm at work ;-)

With this intro, I'll be at 3 straight partyhacks
for the last 3 North American demoscene events!

Note: This uses IQ's tiny d3d9 4k framework, and
the shaders are based off of work by Keenan Crane.

Requirements: A fast (Gf7-ish+) gfx card with shader
model 3 support, and Windows XP +.

Greets: BAOUM, Bawlz, Dolphins, Northern Dragons
Style, Trailer Park Demos, Xplsv